Special purpose machines

Maiko develops and produces machines, equipment and components for general machine manufacture based on customer requests. Maiko also manufactures machines based on customer drawings and handles design projects.

We take care of the entire project development from design to manufacture, assembly and initial operation. In addition, our customers can rely on the same contact person across the entire realisation process.

Please find hereunder some examples:

Assembly line for overhung camshafts


Deburring machine for camshafts


Unit for automatic assembly of flanges and plug shafts

Automatic assembly line for force fitting rubber-metal-bearings
into mounted erection stools (front and rear axle)


Machine for pressing balls into
oil channel boreholes for
8 and 12 cylinder crankshafts


Machine for pressing faucet
cocks into 5 litre beer barrels

Transport carriage for gauges

Transport carriage for
transmission supports

Piston mounting carriage

Assembly block for front axle

Machine for punching of holes for faucet cocks into beer cans

Unit for screwing of sensing wheels at crankshafts

Can nesting machines


Machine for plugging on of lids


Lubricating device for cylinder crankshaft housings of an assembly line


Device for tearing off lugs from plastic canisters


Lifting out station for rear axles

Processing device / Mounting for roller-type cam followers


Dismantling unit for pneumatic spring dampers

Press for loudspeakers in telephone housings

Manufacture of hoppers with lifting unit for 1 litre bottles