In 2004, MAIKO Engineering GmbH took over the know-how, the original drawings and the technical documentation of KARGES-HAMMER machines, employed experienced staff and disposes of a large stock of spare parts today, in order to offer our customers excellent spare parts service in this product area as well. Due to the availability of the original drawings, we can manufacture most of the parts in our own production, guaranteeing competitive prices and delivery times.

Now we can provide our customers with an optimal service in the following areas:

  • After-sales service
  • Maintenance
  • Spare parts, tools and change parts for following machine types, also elder ones:
  • Sheet feeder A1, A2, A3, A5, A6 and A7
  • Cutters for Plate shear St and Sta
  • Single and Duplex Slitters SSfb1000, SSfd1000, SE1150, SD1150
  • Scroll Shear SPzz1000
  • Strip Stacker S5
  • Press P4, P330, Asts226, ASts200, Asts230, P250, PNS210, PNS240, PNS370, PNS370, P11
  • Strip Feed Magazine MH330, MP330, M250, M330
  • Curling Machine ARS113, ARS230, DAR115, DAR175, DAR320, ARU160, DAU160
  • Compound Lining Machine AGR100, G1-105, G1-100, G2-105, G1-230, G1-175, AGR235, AGR175v
  • Drying Oven T1-100, T1-105, T1-175, T1-230
  • Seaming Machine Ali, Alk, Alm, Aln, Ams
  • Transfer Press P3, TP80
  • Sheet Feed Press PT-320, PT-800v
  • Feed Table TZ (for Press TP80), TZ-X (for Press P11)
  • Feed System X-Y (for Press TP80)
  • Compressed air clutch (KL40, KL63, KL100, KL160)
  • Compressed air brake Brl25, Brl8
  • Air supply LZ12
  • End Loader DL
  • Spring pressure device WeCF
  • Strip guide plate WeStr
  • Four Column Press P4Si10
  • Seaming Machine AF500
  • Can end tool WeC
  • Scroll cutting tool ZWE, ZWD

Examples for spare parts:

Strip Feed Press P4


Curling Machine DAR

Compound Lining Machine

For all other machine types and equipments supplied by KARGES-HAMMER please contact us with your spare part inquiries. We will check availability in your particular case.