The name Maiko stands for more than 25 years of successful industry partnership. Maiko stands for more than 25 years of quality at the highest level. But Maiko also stands for over 25 years of developing the most comprehensive archive of original drawings in the areas of tooling manufacture, spare parts and can sealing technology.


The experience gained over the last 25 years has lead to extensive integration within our company. Individual disciplines, such as development, manufacture, initial operation or after sales service work together hand in hand here. Ideas are introduced and developed without a lot of red tape. This is how we move at impressive speed to develop complete solutions that support your ideas and improve our market position.


What would design and production be without qualified, professional designers and manufacturers who are alert to problems? Nothing! And that's why the best employees a person could wish for work for us. Motivated people. Not human resources. With long years of industry-specific experience, qualifications above the industry average and one invaluable characteristic: a sense for the material.