One of the most advanced, CNC-supported facilities in the industry guarantees that we can provide economically sensible, complete solutions that really meet your needs.
The most up-to-date CAD/CAM systems such as Unigraphics, Solid Works, AutoCad or Elcad and parts list software that is linked to our facility's equipment points the way to success even in the drafting stages. The use of our PPS and merchandise management systems and all areas of our company and the integration of these areas ensure smooth and transparent order processing and demonstrate yet another basis for the later success of our products, and therefore, your products.

So that we don't fritter away this base for success, Maiko focuses on strict and continuous quality management in addition to production. All products are subject to the continual self-monitoring of our employees, who see their colleagues, who are responsible for the next step, as their own customers. Moreover, our products are subject to mandatory testing in air-conditioned measuring areas with high quality measuring instruments.

And then there are tools that are somewhat different, which Maiko also emphasizes: the employees' skills. Experience paired with comprehensive know-how. Because what use is the best idea, what assistance can the best machine offer, if no intelligent person is there to pull the strings?