Devices for measuring and other special purposes

Maiko develops and produces devices for measuring and clamping and for all types of testing for unfinished parts for inspection of individual parts and series based on customer requirements.
The measuring devices and testing gauges range from simple portable instruments to complex measuring stations with manual loading and automatic measuring procedure. The measuring devices and testing gauges can be used in production for quick and continual inspection control.

Please find hereunder some examples:

Measuring device with lockable roller shutters for roller-type cam followers


Testing device for brake pedals


Checking gauge for brake pedals


Bulge measuring device for glass lids (sunroof)

Measuring device for oil pans in the automobile industry


Gauge for an H-shape guiding
frame for sunroofs (automobile industry)


Measuring device for
crankshaft main bearing

Measuring device for
crankshaft ends


Classing of bearing shells


Measuring gauges for reflectors