Spare parts

For the following products we offer fast, comprehensive spare part service based on our extensive inventory of spare parts:

We have an extensive archive of original drawings at our disposal. For parts in stock, we offer our customers 24 hour service. This service includes on-site customer service with experienced technicians.

Some example spare parts are listed below:

For can seaming machines:

Seaming chucks and seaming rolls

Seaming roll

Stacking screw

Can end guide (1st example)

Can end guide (2nd example)

Can transfer turret

Lifting curve

Bevel gear

Dog chain

Hub and lifter

Centre hub

Filler driving gear




For Tools:

Embossing die

Cutting ring without additional
forming parts mounted in die shoe

Pressure pad

Upper die shoe


Die pad


Die punch

Roller punch for opening tabs

Drawing punch with lateral riffles for conical cans

Drawing punch for
conical Club cans

Pre-curl die for opening tabs


Cutting ring

Punch ring

Forming punch with
beaded profile

Tool part for opening tab tool


Upper cutting ring