Company philosophy

Our company philosophy and our drive to succeed have their roots in our quest to help our customers achieve superior positioning.

Our customers

Absolute customer satisfaction is the central focus of Maiko's business activities. Our principle of close and open cooperation and our ability to reliably meet all of our customers' needs with innovative and strictly problem-oriented solutions allows us to build long-term working relationships based on mutual respect.

Our employees

Maiko succeeds in searching for, finding and keeping motivated, dedicated, and above all, creative employees who continually bring new ideas to the table and who can identify with customer needs. First-class training and technical expertise put our employees on top when compared with our competitors. Maiko enjoys taking on challenges and we are in our element when the going gets tough.

The product

At Maiko, creativity and ideas as well as individual responsibility and success are both demanded and encouraged. We achieve the most cost-effective solution for each problem by thoroughly studying each project and its difficulties and by talking with our employees and setting objectives with them. Our employees continually monitor their own work; they undertake each task as though the colleagues responsible for the next step were their own customers, which supports in-house production depth. We deliver products that embody state of the art technology at standard industry prices.

One step ahead

Maiko offers outstanding, complete solutions that not just anyone can deliver. By constantly improving our solutions and introducing innovation, we work together with our customers to continue to build up our technological advantage. As a leading high-tech company, it goes without saying that we not only react immediately when we receive customer requests, but we also anticipate their needs, providing a family of products that we develop continually and proactively to ensure their top quality.

The four pillars of our company philosophy

  • Expertise
  • Premium quality, no compromises
  • Innovation/Superior product ideas
  • Consistent application of company philosophy